Miscellaneous Links

David Eli thread on writing as a social scientist
John Cochrane on writing tips for economics PhDs
Simon Board and Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn on writing economic theory
Plamen Nikolov on writing economics research papers
Marc Bellemare on how to write applied papers
Claudia Sahm on writing introductions
Deirdre McCloskey on economical writing
Jesse Shapiro on Applied Micro talks
Racheal Meager on public speaking for academic economists

Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro on code and data good practice
Tutorials on many coding and data fundamentals at Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
UCLA’s Stata tutorials
Stata cheat sheets
R cheat sheets
I found replicating Angrist & Krueger (1991) to be a great learning experience
Scott Cunningham thread & comments with helpful links for GIS work
Susan Athey & Guido Imbens on ML methods

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